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After strengthening their majority in the General Assembly and re-electing Governor JB Pritzker, Illinois Democrats returned to Springfield on Tuesday for a veto session, facing questions about changing A controversial bill is a hot issue at the moment. the war.

That bill, known as the “SAFE-T Act,” would eliminate the bankroll on January 1 in Illinois. Instead, judges must decide whether the suspects pose a risk to the individual or the public, or whether there is a risk of flight.

Legal challenges to the bill continue, but Democrats in Springfield are warning voters not to expect much of a legislative overhaul just yet.

“We have learned from the past that the current financial system is not fair,” said State Rep. LaShawn Ford said. “This is about making sure we bring everyone to the table. Everyone in Springfield who wants to improve the SAFE-T Act, we will listen and work together.

According to Ford, the provisions of the bill that require judges to review whether a defendant is a public nuisance should remain, and he confirmed that he does not believe that any of the language that eliminates bail out of the law.

Those who supported the bill argued that the current bail system was affecting poor Illinoisans, and that the new system would add fairness to the criminal justice system.

For his part, Pritzker said he believes lawmakers will review the bill, but he didn’t offer many details about what those changes might entail.

“I looked carefully, and my mind was clear,” he said. “We’ll see if we can work during the veto session to address the changes that need to be made.”

Legal challenges to the bill are ongoing, however. More than half of the state’s attorneys in Illinois have filed a lawsuit against Pritzker and his administration, saying the SAFE-T Act violates the state constitution on several counts.

One of the legal arguments is that the cancellation of the bail is illegal because it is mentioned in the document itself, which may require other means to untie it. Another argument is that lawmakers did not spend enough time debating the bill before it was passed.

The lawsuits have been consolidated into a single class-action lawsuit, with opponents of the bill filing legal arguments in a Kankakee courtroom on Dec. 7.

In the meantime, lawmakers may wait until after Thanksgiving before putting tweaks to the SAFE-T Act up for debate or a vote, but what changes will be passed remains unclear. It will be clear when the event starts.


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