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Although Democrats hold the governor’s mansion and majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly this November, the “SAFE-T Act’s” status as hot-button topics and legal issues may lead lawmakers to consider changing the law.

One of the most controversial parts of the bill, the move to end the cash flow in the state, will take effect on January 1, and many state attorneys will file a case against it. in the implementation of the law, law enforcement may be motivated. to make some clarifications or amendments when the veto session begins this week in Springfield.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, who defeated Republican state Sen. Darren Bailey in the gubernatorial race, said last week that the bill would be one of the top talking points among lawmakers. law enforcement this week.

“The General Assembly has done a lot in the past months with working groups,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “And so they’re going to take that to the veto meeting and I’m going to look at it carefully. I’ve made my views clear. And we’ll see if we can do something during the veto period to fix the changes that we have to do it.”

The law, which requires judges to decide whether people accused of violent crimes and misdemeanors, are a flight risk or a danger to public safety when deciding whether they should be held in custody before trial , which takes effect Jan. 1, has drawn strong opposition from many groups and prompted lawsuits by state attorneys general.

In an interview with NBC 5’s Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern last month, Pritzker said she hopes the General Assembly will debate the bill when they meet for their veto session starting on Sunday

Several amendments have been proposed, including an amendment advocated by Sen. Scott Bennett seeks to expand the judicial power to detain those accused of being a danger to the public.

Most criminal justice groups came out against the amendment, arguing that it would undermine the bill’s primary purpose, which is to reduce the number of people who are detained before their trials.

Under the terms of the bill, which was approved by the General Assembly, the government will allow judges to decide whether people accused of a combination of crimes and serious crimes can affect a person other people or society at large. Jurors are also asked to determine whether the defendant poses a flight risk if released.

If the judge makes one of those decisions, then the defendant will remain in jail until trial.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker faced criticism and questions from many sides in this election cycle, but what did he say about the amount of money spent on his re-election bid, his impact travel to heaven, etc.? Here is NBC 5 Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern.

The list of so-called “serious crimes” that can result in pre-trial detention include first and second degree murder, aggravated felony murder, robbery, burglary, and residential burglary. , arson, arson, abduction, arson that results in a lot. physical harm or any other offense involving the use or threat of physical force or violence against another person.

Custody hearings are not mandatory for felonies that carry a potential penalty, but judges can still decide to hold those suspects in custody pending trial if convicted. a problem with the public.

Those charged with stalking, criminal mischief, domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery may face pretrial detention.

Most Republicans opposed the measure, and some state attorneys general on both sides of the aisle have challenged the law in court.

Some of the challenges, including one filed by Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin, argue that because the bank is enshrined in the state constitution it cannot be bill canceling the policy. He also argues that the statute’s wording is ambiguous and can be interpreted differently in different jurisdictions.

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, a Democrat, filed a lawsuit against the bill, arguing that it was rushed through the legislature in violation of the rules that require a bill to be before the body. for at least three days.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled on Oct. 31 that the lawsuits filed by the 58 counties must be consolidated into a class-action lawsuit, which will be filed in Kankakee County Circuit Court on Dec. 7. Jim Rowe Kankakee County State’s Attorney will lead counsel, along with Will County State’s Attorney Will Glasgow. Both prosecutors are Democrats, and they will file a federal indictment Sept. 16.

The lawsuit seeks a final judgment to invalidate the bankruptcy order.


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