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HENDERSONVILLE, NC (FOX CAROLINA) – A woman has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and concealing her death after she shot her boyfriend and left him on a table one day, the district attorney’s office said.

On Monday, Nov. 14, Natalie Louise Miller, 33, entered a plea where she admitted to the following:

  • The minimum sentence is 25 years
  • A maximum of 31 years on the second degree murder charge
  • Imprisonment for a minimum of 5 years consecutively or a maximum of 7 years for concealment of death.

According to the DA’s office, in the early morning hours of December 8, 2019, Hendersonville Police Dispatch received a call from 33-year-old Natalie Miller, a friend of the defendant. The friend told Dispatch that Miller contacted her and told her that she was shooting and killing her boyfriend, Samuel Kaline Frazier.

Police and detectives immediately responded to the call.

Once there, officers found Miller outside the Hendersonville home she shared with Frazier. Officers asked her what was going on and who was in the house, and the office said a “dead body” was in the house and “the gun was on the table.”

Miller was found safe and Frazier’s body was found at home with two gunshot wounds from a .45-caliber handgun found on a table.

During an investigation, Miller waived her right to an attorney and provided incriminating information that she had shot and killed her longtime friend the day before the 911 call.

According to the DA’s office, Miller said he removed money from Frazier’s wallet after the shooting and went out to buy dinner and some alcohol before returning home. Miller told officers she believed he was faking it and waited until he woke up.

Detectives found receipts to support her claim of buying dinner and alcohol.

Officers said she provided details about self-medicating with Benadryl and asked detectives for large amounts of Benadryl on several occasions.

Miller told officers that Frazier had controlled him for years.

According to the office, she told officers she was injected with pus and Botox while sleeping, but said she never saw needle marks on her body.

She said something happens to her every night, but she doesn’t know who or what did it to her.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Miller had a history of mental illness but had not been criminally charged prior to the murder. She was determined competent to stand trial.

Detectives also found a hollow point bullet in the home with the words “Love NM” written on the side of the bullet.

Miller must serve at least 30 years to be eligible for release, officials said.


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