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The Acer brand announces the arrival of a new keyboard with the Aethon 700, a model that allows you to choose between two different senses: linear and clicky through a simple lever movement!

Aethon 700: two different typing senses, one keyboard!

Acer predator Aethon 700In the program, the brand offers us a full-sized keyboard, in other words, 104 keys. As you can see, the RGB lighting is part of the game, as on any good gaming keyboard you could say.

Anyway, what we’re most interested in here is the typing experience it provides. In fact, with a lever, you can go from a smooth linear feel to something more tactile with an audible click. Unfortunately, we do not know the characteristics of the switches used by the brand. We only know that they have a lifetime of 60 million activations.

Otherwise, we are dealing with a keyboard with N-Key rollover and full anti-ghosting. As we can see, it also has a sound management wheel and double multimedia functions.

Finally, the dimensions of this model are 450 (W) x 161.5 (D) x 53.5 (H) mm. The weight is not at rest with a nice 1455g on the scale. Of course, all these values ​​are given without a wrist rest… Because yes, there is a slim magnetic rest with a soft coating!

As for the price, of course, it will cost $269.99 if we believe the price displayed on the brand’s website!

This way to the Acer datasheet!


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