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The TSA is ramping up security measures at airports nationwide after admitting to multiple protocol failures that allowed a man to get through a checkpoint using two box cutters. The move comes as travelers are expected to flood airports in the 10 days leading up to Thanksgiving.

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After winning close contests in Nevada and Arizona over the weekend, Democrats will retain their Senate majority for the next two years. Retaining control of the Senate is a big boost for President Joe Biden, and opens a clear path for Senate Democrats to reject bills passed by the House — which means they can set their own agenda. However, control of the House is yet to be determined as it appears to be closing in on the 218 seats that would give Republicans a majority. These results may take several days as election workers continue to count votes in key contests that are yet to be called.

Three people were killed and two others were injured in a shooting at the University of Virginia’s main campus in Charlottesville. The campus has been placed on lockdown and the suspect has been identified as a student, University President Jim Ryan said in a statement today. Authorities said multiple police departments are actively searching for the suspect, who is listed on the university’s athletics website as a 2018 football player. University officials urged everyone on campus to seek safety immediately. “We’ve all received several shelter-in-place texts, and they’re alarming,” UVA Vice President Robin Hadley said in an email to UVA’s student body, adding that the situation remains active.

A pair of vintage military planes collided mid-air during the Wings Over Dallas airshow on Saturday, killing all six people on board. Video footage of the crash, which the mayor of Dallas described as “heartbreaking,” shows the planes exploding in the sky, then crashing to the ground seconds later and bursting into flames. More than 40 firefighting units responded to the scene at Dallas Executive Airport after the World War II-era planes — a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra — crashed. The investigation is ongoing, but officials said it will be challenging because none of the planes were equipped with a flight data recorder, often referred to as a “black box.”

Dallas plane crash

The video shows the moments before the planes crashed during the airshow

Former President Donald Trump repeatedly told his onetime White House chief of staff, John Kelly, that the IRS should investigate his political enemies, Kelly told The New York Times. Former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, both staunch Trump critics, were ultimately singled out for intense tax audits by the IRS. The Times noted earlier this year that the odds of selecting one for the audit were one in 30,600 — raising questions about how two of Trump’s most visible critics were chosen. The IRS previously denied “politically motivated audits” in a statement to CNN. Still, the IRS chief has asked a watchdog to investigate the decision to conduct the audit.

President Biden will meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping today for his first face-to-face meeting since taking office. The stakes for the talks are high and could have long-term implications for the world’s most important bilateral relationship. But expectations for a meeting are low amid rising US-China tensions. In an intensifying rivalry, the US and China disagree on every major issue, from Taiwan, the war in Ukraine, North Korea and technology transfers to the shape of the world order. According to a US official, the main purpose of the sit-down is not to reach agreements, but to better understand each other’s priorities and reduce misunderstandings.

Video thumbnail Biden c Bali meeting

Hear what Biden and Xi had to say to each other in their first meeting as heads of state

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ records record November opening

The much-awaited Marvel film did well at the box office this weekend. Critics also give it two thumbs up.

Banksy unveils mural in Ukrainian town liberated from Russians

People speculated that the mysterious street artist was in Ukraine. His mural in the liberated city confirms it.

There is a 30-year waitlist for these beef croquettes

These Kobe beef croquettes are so delicious that people are willing to wait three decades for an order.

Dolly Parton Receives $100 Million Award From Jeff Bezos

The country music legend and longtime philanthropist accepted a large grant from Bezos and his longtime partner.

Plus-size models say they were denied entry to Los Angeles lounge

Two models have taken to social media in frustration, saying it’s not the first time they’ve faced size discrimination as curvy women.

$50.9 billion

That’s the total value of Elon Musk’s compensation package as CEO of Tesla, making it the largest for anyone on Earth from a publicly traded company. Musk will go to court this week to defend his huge pay package as questions continue over Tesla’s top executive compensation plans. Meanwhile, Musk faces another busy week as Twitter’s new owner — where internal turmoil has brought one of the world’s most influential social networks closer to the brink.

“We take our responsibility to keep everyone safe very seriously.”

– Carnival Australia President Marguerite Fitzgerald, issued the statement after nearly 800 people aboard Carnival’s Majestic Princess cruise ship tested positive for Covid-19. Cruise operators disembarked those infected in Sydney, Australia, and advised them to complete a five-day isolation period. At least three other cruise ships in Carnival’s Princess fleet had earlier outbreaks in the pandemic.

hrrr, so cold

Very cold temperatures in most of the US


– Source: CNN

Check your local forecast here>>>

This transgender ballerina is raising the bar

It’s Transgender Awareness Week, an annual observance that highlights issues faced by transgender people. Watch this inspiring video about a ballerina who danced as a man from the age of five until coming out as a woman at 17. (Click here to view)


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