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NASA’s Artemis I mission, which launched on Wednesday, shared a spectacular view of Earth on its way to the moon. If you often marvel at space and its infinite vastness, you might enjoy tracking spacecraft in real-time as they travel thousands of miles from our planet.

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If they pass the 218-seat threshold needed for control of the chamber, Republicans will win, CNN projects. The victory falls short of the GOP’s hopes for a “red wave” but could block President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda and expose his White House to ongoing investigations. On the other hand, a GOP victory could create a more productive environment than you might think — research shows that the US government actually performs better in an era of divided government. A House victory for Republicans means House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is poised to become the next speaker and Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s second term ends in January. Pelosi is expected to “address her future plans” today, with many expecting her to step aside for a new generation of leadership, her spokesman said.

Amazon has confirmed that it has begun laying off employees, just days after multiple outlets reported that the e-commerce giant plans to cut 10,000 jobs this week. Amazon’s layoffs come as several major tech companies are slashing their workforces as people return to pre-pandemic habits. Facebook parent company Meta recently announced 11,000 job cuts, the largest in the company’s history. Twitter also announced widespread job cuts after Elon Musk bought the company for $44 billion. According to a copy of an internal email sent by the billionaire and obtained by CNN, Musk has given employees until this evening to take on “extremely difficult” work or leave the company.

Amanpur Kasturi is still on Twitter

Twitter under Musk shows ‘unraveling of a person’, not a company: Scott Galloway


– Source: CNN

A student accused of killing three University of Virginia football players was denied bail Wednesday. A university spokeswoman said the suspect was on a field trip Sunday with fellow UVA students to watch a play in Washington, D.C. As the bus returned to the Charlottesville campus, the 22-year-old opened fire on the bus, killing three players, authorities said. An Albemarle County prosecutor said one of the three suspected players was shot while sleeping, according to a witness. The suspect is in custody and faces several charges, including second-degree murder and one count of using a handgun in the commission of a felony.

UVA Sakshi Sot

‘Strange’: Witness tells of encounter before shooting

President Biden today responded to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim that a Ukrainian missile was not responsible for Tuesday’s deadly blast in Poland that killed two people. “That’s not the evidence,” Biden told reporters at the White House after returning from the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Polish officials say a Ukrainian missile deployed in air defense may have landed inside Polish territory amid a wave of Russian missile attacks. Meanwhile, Russian shelling and missile attacks continued to target civilian infrastructure, including gas and electricity facilities, overnight, Ukrainian officials said. Russia’s latest attack on civilian infrastructure comes after Moscow’s military fired nearly 100 missiles at at least a dozen cities and districts in Ukraine on Tuesday.

Major Mike Lyons 111622

The missile that hit Poland may have come from Ukraine

The nation’s top law schools, Yale and Harvard Law Schools, have announced their departure from US News & World Report’s ranking of the best law schools. The schools are bowing out after criticism of the publication’s methodology, arguing that the list perpetuates disparities in law schools. Given the elite status of Yale and Harvard, the move is significant and represents a major departure from the college rankings. Although the rankings have been rejected by policymakers and those working in higher education over the years, they are still referenced by prospective students and their families. The decisions were praised, but some questioned whether the move, if followed by other schools, would make it more difficult for the average person to choose which colleges to apply to.

‘The scariest thing ever’: Daniel Craig dances in new ad

The man we know as James Bond ditches his dapper suits and performs a funky dance number in a vodka ad. Watch the video here.

Did Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Lose at the Grammys?

Some are asking why Swift’s wildly successful album “Midnights” wasn’t nominated for a Grammy this week. Here’s what happened.

Andy Warhol artwork sold for $85.4 million for ‘Monument’

Warhol is best known for his pop art prints of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup cans, but this piece ranks among the most valuable post-war works ever sold at auction.

Freeze Your Feast: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Makeover

Forget feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen this year. Here’s how to prepare your Thanksgiving feast in advance for a stress-free holiday.

As the weather in Brazil improved, coffee prices fell

Brazil’s rains are producing a good coffee crop this year, securing supplies…but that won’t mean much for your cup of joe. Starbucks and other stores are still raising prices amid rising labor and supply costs.

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Western New York could get that much snow in the coming days because forecasters are now measuring snowfall in feet rather than inches. The National Weather Service said this week’s lake-effect snow around Buffalo and Watertown will cause “suffocation.” Historical events in the region include the twin storms that made the infamous “Snow-Mageddon” in November 2000, with more than 5 feet of snow in 24 hours, leaving many stranded in their vehicles as two feet of snow fell in 24 hours.

“I am still praying for the president. I pray for the grace to forgive him and all those responsible for that tragic day.

– Former Vice President Mike Pence, about whether he’s still angry at former President Donald Trump for putting his family in danger during the Jan. 6 riots. During a CNN town hall Wednesday, Pence showed video of his family fleeing to safety at the U.S. Capitol. Pence responded to the video with frustration, calling Trump’s rhetoric and behavior “reckless.” However, he emphasized that he is moving on from anger because “in the Christian faith, forgiveness is not optional.”

Great Lakes Snowfall

A second round of heavy lake-effect snow begins late Thursday


– Source: CNN

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The dog enjoys the quiet piano

Watch this talented 7-year-old beautifully play “Moon River” for her dog Sharky. You may recognize this song from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” originally performed by Audrey Hepburn. (Click here to view)


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